It is very important that you follow these pre-treatment instructions, to ensure that we are able to proceed with the treatment.
If you are unsure about something and need to clarify information, please give us a call on 0420 634 904 as soon as possible.
  • For all clients – ensure that you have completed an online or in-personal consultation form, to ensure that there are no issues with proceeding to treatment.
  • Lip tattoo – it is advisable that all clients undergoing this procedure visit a pharmacy a few days  prior to their appointment to start a course of antiviral tablets (Famvir, Zovirax etc) prior to their treatment, and continue a few days after. Please seek your pharmacists advice on this. This is to prevent cold sore outbreaks – as if you have ever had one previously (even as a child) the procedure can trigger an outbreak.
  • Please ensure your timely arrival – cosmetic tattoo is a fairly permanent procedure, and cannot be rushed. Clients who arrive too late (more than 15 minutes) for their artist to properly complete the procedure will need to reschedule, and deposits are non-refundable.
Regarding pre-care for ALL tattoo/microblade treaments treatment, these are the things you should avoid:
Fish oil (2 weeks prior ideally)
Blood thinners such as aspirin (48 hours prior)
Retinol/retin a/glycolic acid use in the area (2 weeks prior/avoid in the area after treatment long term)  – check with your skin specialist/dermatologist if you are unsure of ingredients
Roaccutane/accuntane – cannot be taken for 12 months prior to treatment (scarring can occur)
Skin peels/needling or any invasive skin treatments  (2-3 weeks prior)
Botox/fillers in the area (2 weeks prior and 2 weeks post)
Strong sun exposure/getting sunburnt on your face (2 weeks prior and post –  and after this/avoiding sun exposure/wearing sunblock over the area that has been tattooed/microbladed will help with premature fading)
Excessive alcohol intake – (2 days prior)
Eyeliner procedures – please do not wear eye makeup to the appointment