How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows. What is the best type of eyebrow shape for cosmetic tattoo?

During many of the eyebrow cosmetic tattoo consultations I do each week, I am asked the question “what do you think the perfect eyebrow shape for me would be?” by my clients.

Now eyebrows, as we all know, go through trends. Right at the moment, we seem to be going into a less is more/natural/naked brow look, yet just a year ago, super thick and furry (thick Cara DeLevingne) fairly straight brows were all the rage. The pencil thin arched brow that was so popular about 20 years ago (and then previously in the 60’s and 70’s) still seems to still haunt many faces, but not by choice. Sometimes they just don’t grow back!

So I prefer to somewhat disregard trends when designing the perfect eyebrows for my clients. I don’t think that facial attractiveness should be ruled by trend, particularly when it comes to something as permanent as cosmetic tattoo. Our faces are as different as our personalities, and the eyebrows of the day are unlikely to suit everyone.

However, I think there are a few golden rules in terms of creating the perfect customized brow. Here’s what I think is most important:


  • Well groomed. As in, a nice clear and defined shape, without patchiness or monobrow features, or low-lying hairs that are dragging down the brow shape in any way. Clean looking.
  • Beginning and ending at an appropriate position. A common mistake is over plucking in the middle of the brows, often to the point that the parts left look like surprised little tadpoles. Conversely, eyebrows that are too close together can give their owner an angry and confused look.
  • Youth-enhancing. Cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows could be one of the best anti-aging treatments yet! Giving the brows a subtle lift in the outer parts, by altering the arch, can take years off a face. Thinning brows are also a sign of an aging face, so using gentle powder fill or hair stroke techniques to build up a soft yet full brow can make a person look much younger. Your brows should never age your face.
  • Shaped in a way that compliments the natural angles and proportion of your face. Round brows on a round face do not make for a good look; similarly very angled, pointed brows can look sharp and evil on a thin, angular face. It’s all about balance and creating something that is harmonious with your face, rather than standing out as a jarring feature.
  • Not so different to your natural brows that you don’t look like Usually, for someone who has over plucked, or experienced thinning brows, there will still be some hairs left to guide me as to where the full brow might have once grown. Often the best course of action is to try and recreate the original brow, before your fourteen-year-old self got her hands on the tweezers!
  • Symmetrical as can be. However, symmetry is an odd beast where beauty is concerned. Our faces are often (usually) slightly asymmetrical, and even using exact measurements when designing eyebrows, is not always going to give brows that look Sometimes to achieve more balance and symmetry (i.e. where one side of the face is slightly higher, one eye is larger, one side has a more prominent brow bone) I will make slight adjustments to compensate for any asymmetry in facial structure. Excellent improvements in symmetry can be achieved this way.
  • Coloured to compliment your complexion. This is a very important one. Whilst the shape is very important, the colour is equally. I will always analyse your skin and hair tones in a consultation, to try and determine the most natural looking pigment mix for you. My theory is that it is better to go too light, and then have a retouch done, than go too dark, and be stuck with heavy, permanent brows that do not suit you. All of my full brow (hair stroke/feathering/micro blading and powder fill) cosmetic tattoo treatments include an adjustment appointment in the price, to ensure that your brow colour can be reinforced or darkened, or texture added where necessary.
How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

In my consultations, and on the day of the actual tattoo appointments, I take a fair amount of time measuring up your face, drawing the brows on with pencil, often in numerous shapes, to show you different options and looks that might suit you. You will always have ample time to think about the look that you want (and for me to design it, however many times you change your mind!) before it becomes a more permanent feature. I believe that it is this process of preparation and design before any tattoo work is done, that is crucial in creating the best cosmetic tattoo eyebrow shape for my clients.