Cosmetic tattooing–a needlephobe’s perspective

As a lover of all things brows, I have tried absolutely everything to make my little caterpillars full and luscious. I was born with naturally light, quite thin brows–nothing wrong with the shape, but they definitely need definition to frame my face. Pencils, liners, pomades and tints have been my best friends for years, but lately I began to consider a more permanent option.

Cosmetic tattoo that has been around for a while, but only exploded into the mainstream for the last few years. We’ve all seen the remnants of older tattoos, where pigment can stay in your dermis for years–but the industry has improved a thousandfold since these techniques, and brow tats are now not only common, but very natural. Sounds simple, right?

The only problem with this idea is the fact that I’m drop-dead terrified of needles. I was the person who would always faint at school injections, and once I even went down after accompanying my friend to a tattoo parlour! So you can imagine that the needly aspect of cosmetic tattoo certainly didn’t excite me–but the results definitely did.

I spent quite a few months doing my research about different salons and their methods, and settled upon BrowGame, which runs through the Lady Lash salon in Newtown. After booking in for a consultation, I admitted my fear to the receptionist, who (thank goodness) was absolutely lovely and assured me that there wouldn’t be any needles involved. Microblading (as the name suggests) actually involves a little hand-held tool that puts small slices in the skin, with specially designed pigments mimicking slender hairs on your brow. The tools are single-use and disposable for hygiene reasons, with all good microbladers undergoing extensive training by illustrious brands such as PhiBrows.

My consult was so comforting–the lovely Anastasiya immediately made me feel at home in the salon. She chatted to me about my brow journey, and spent quite a while perfecting a set of drawn-on brows so I could get a sense of the shape. We decided to lift the arch of my brows a little, and add some strokes to the ends of the brows (or ‘tails’ in browspeak) to get that nice tapered shape.

I was determined not to freak out in any way, so had made sure I was very prepared for any discomfort during the treatment. I had grabbed some EMLA cream from the chemist the day before, as recommended, to help with any pain–turns out, I barely had to worry. Anastasiya talked me through a lot of great management techniques, the most helpful of which was to pop on a playlist when she began to draw the outline. The music was an easy way to drown out the small metallic sound of the microblade as it touches skin, plus my favourite tunes helped calm me down. Blasting Fleetwood Mac certainly helped me to ignore the slight discomfort in the initial part of the treatment, and after that it was a breeze!

The total time that my tattoo took was two and a half hours, which is very standard for microblading. Afterwards my brows felt quite tender, like a graze–but when I checked the mirror, there wasn’t even any redness. Just BROWS. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to look in a mirror before, and boy was it worth it. Anastasiya had done more than fill in my natural brows; these babies had been lifted slightly and the tails completely redefined my face shape! I looked much more awake than I ever had, and somehow my eyes appeared larger too–it was like magic! Anastasiya was very pleased with them and let me know to come back in for a retouch and colour adjustment within three months–plus, it’s a good excuse to come back and visit.

I was given an extensive aftercare kit with some clear instructions about what to avoid–namely, excessive sunlight, sweating and facial creams for at least the first week. Finally, a good reason to skip the gym!

It’s been two weeks since my brow treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the job done by BrowGame and the gorgeous Anastasiya. They listened to my concerns, gave me great advice and most importantly, some stunning brows!