The decision to try cosmetic tattoo is one of the biggest beauty choices–for some people it is a no brainer, and others spend months deciding on the perfect technique and location. At Brow Game, our priority is putting your mind completely at ease about your cosmetic tattoo, as well as creating the most beautiful brows for your face! Our tried-and-true consultation process has proven to be the most effective way for our clients to have a safe and comfortable tattoo experience, ensuring that every Brow Game appointment is the best it can be.

So what happens when you make that big decision, and it’s time to book your brows?

When you get in contact with Brow Game, our receptionists will take you through the whole process over phone or email and grab some initial details from you. We love to hear what has inspired you to undergo cosmetic tattoo, and what you want from your brows! We can then find a time for a consult with one of our experienced cosmetic tattooists–chatting to you often assists in matching you to the tattooist that would work best with you, so it’s always a great idea to call. Our consultations are half an hour long and free of charge, though a $50 deposit is taken upon booking–this handy deposit can be refunded back to you if you decide that tattoo isn’t for you after all. If you do want to go ahead with the treatment, we can just transfer that deposit onto your booking–too easy!

Consultations are arguably the most important part of the Brow Game process. This is where we get to know you and come up with a brow design specifically for your face. During the consultation, you can chat to the cosmetic tattooist about your brow journey and what kind of brows you would like to walk away with. Our cosmetic tattooist looks at your skin type, and will make a recommendation for the technique that would suit you. They will also draw on a preliminary brow shape, which you can examine and adjust as a team until the perfect brow is created! Our tattooists are highly trained in a number of design techniques, and use facial measuring to ensure that your brow shape is completely tailored to your face.

We have an online consultation form (Click Here) which streamlines the Brow Game consultation process. This form can be completed online, and is submitted straight into our inbox. Your tattooist will go over the consultation form with you during your appointment, so that everything is completely clear and easy to understand.

If you’re nervous about the procedure, the consultation is the time to let your tattooist know–and it’s more common than you’d think! Our talented ladies have been creating brow tattoos for a very long time, and know how to make you feel at ease during the process. Sometimes, the best thing you can do if you’re feeling a bit squeamish is to just chat–the more informed you are about the tattoo, the better you’ll feel!

After the consultation, it’s time to book your brows. New Brow Game appointments are usually made on weekends, for your convenience–though if this doesn’t work for you, we will endeavour to be flexible! If you’d like to book your consultation and treatment on the same day, that’s perfectly fine! Just let us know and we can arrange.