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Cosmetic Tattoo at Lady Lash Newtown, Sydney

Cosmetic tattoo involves depositing pigment into the skin, using a small pen-style machine which rapidly inserts small quantities of custom-blended pigment in the required area with the expertise of a competent and skilled professional. Microblading differs slightly, in that a manual or hand tool is used, to create super fine strokes in the skin in a hair like pattern. At Brow Game, our brow artists are trained and experienced in both techniques, to that we can create the perfect customised semi-permanent brow for you!

Treatments available at Brow Game include eyebrow tattoo (microblading, powder fill, ombre, hair stroke/feathering as well as combination effects), as well as eyeliner. The treatment is semi-permanent, in that you in most cases you can expect it to last for a number of years, however the colour will fade over time (at varying rates, depending on factors such as skincare, sun exposure, health and skin type) and eventually require refreshing, to maintain the crispness. To remain fresh and crisp looking, microblade normally requires retouching every 6-18 months, and cosmetic tattoo normally around 12-24 months. Some skin types will retain pigment much longer than this.

Who are the Cosmetic Tattoo Artists?

Charlotte Creasey

Charlotte has been working in the industry for ten years, with six years as a cosmetic tattooist at Lady Lash (our affiliate company) and as director of Brow Game. She completed her cosmetic tattooing/microblading certification under the solo tuition of cosmetic tattoo pioneer Val Glover-Hovan from Cosmetic Tattoo Australia. Additional training with Branko Babic under the Phibrows® brand positions her amongst the top tattooists in Australia. Charlotte is an eyebrow reconstruction expert and registered Phibrows® artist (#BBCC11162352).

Additionally, she is a current member of the USA Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and seeks to constantly fine-tune her skills and education in the arena of permanent makeup. She specialises only in eyebrows – all techniques.

Charlotte is available on Mondays and Tuesdays for consultations and treatments – please book ahead as due to her limited availability, she normally books out several weeks in advance.

Monika Vasiliauskaite

Our leading artist Monika has eight years experience as a cosmetic tattooist and microblade artist, with her local and international training meaning she is usually booked out weeks in advance. She began her career as a makeup artist, and started her permanent makeup career in 2011, after completing training at the prestigious Annette Power Permanent Makeup College in Harley Street, London.

Since then, Monika has worked with a wide variety of clients internationally, developing strong technical and design skills. Over the past three years, she has further refined her talent for microblading and brow shading by gaining additional certification in European techniques such as Deluxe Brows and the rigorous Phibrows® program. Monika is one of just a handful of Sydney-based Phibrows® registered artists (licence # DZMVAUS0342).

Monika is currently available Wednesday to Saturdays for consultation and treatments, though we would recommend to book in advance. Evenings and weekends are her most popular times, with a few weeks notice strongly advised. Monika is available for eyebrows, eyeliner, and also lips, and also holds specialised further qualifications in lip and eyeliner tattoo.

Meae Choi

Meae has joined the Brow Game team at our sister salon on the Central Coast (Gosford). She has built a substantial profile through her fifteen years in the beauty industry, with a love of brow shaping leading her to specialise in brows for the past five years. Meae completed her initial cosmetic tattoo certification in 2015, and then additional microblading certification under the renowned Tanya Do in 2018, and has established an impressive portfolio of permanent makeup clients. We look forward to introducing our artists to our Central Coast clients and bringing the Brow Game approach to a new area!

Meae is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and is available for eyebrows.